Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Many Orchids start to flower now

Orchis pallens, the Pale Orchid, is beginning to fade now, but still beautiful as you can see. 
Many other orchids start to flower:
O. pallens' sister Orchis mascula, the Early Purple Orchid:

Ophrys sphegodes, the Early Spider Orchid, also already in her zenith:
and her hybrid with O. insectifera:

Orchis purpurea:
Orchis militaris:
and their hybrid Orchis purpurea x Orchis militaris:

Also the next pic shows a hybrid, Neotinea ustulata x Neotinea tridentata:

This is one of her parents, Neotinea ustulata:
Neotia ovata shows her inflorescence:

This is not an orchid, but a beautiful little plant I found in the orchids company - Paris quadrifolia, true lovers knot:

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